Frequently Ask Questions

Do I have to start my holiday on a specific day or can it be any day of the week?

All our partners have the maximum flexibility in all travel services including the dates in which you want to start your vacation, allowing you and your family to make the most of your time and saving a lot of money in aircraft costs when you can enter our hotels any day of the week.

Do I have to use the full week or can I organize my vacation for the days we need?

All the memberships have the flexibility to be able to divide their stays by nights depending on the service that you want to use to reserve:

Reef Hotels, in the case of making your reservation at any of your Reef Resorts you will be able to divide your weeks into vacations of 3 nights 4 days or 4 nights 5 days.

In case of using LVC TYW or the Owners Link system, you can book by night without a minimum or maximum of nights per stay and only pay for the nights that are used. The LVC TYW system allows you to set up your trip any way you want, the days you want and the suites of your choice regardless of the dates, destinations and number of companions with which you travel and at the same time generate points for your next trip or the consumption of daily services in your day to day, all this through its platform with more than 80,000 hotels.

In case of using RCI you can exchange your weeks acquired in your membership for stays of one week at a time in any size of suite of your preference in any of the 4000 hotels that offer, in the same way for those short trips allows access their vast inventory of hotels for weekends.

How can I vacation in other destinations?

Using the exchange service with RCI or through the travel platform of LVC TYW.

For RCI it is necessary to book or send a weekly deposit request through this site in the reservations section or at the email of or by telephone at +52.984.877.2880 ext. 4939, calling from the USA at 1.855.210.6071, from Canada at 1.800.150.6254. Once you have deposited your week in the RCI system you can book at any of the hotels in the exchange platform at RCI.COM or through your call center by calling from Mexico at 01.800.007.2400, or at 55.5283.1111, if you call outside of Mexico please check the list of free numbers that RCI publishes on its website.

For LVC TYW just contact travel concierge at 01800.317.5282 or email where one of our vacation consultants will assist you in designing the trip of your dreams.

Can I enjoy the all-inclusive in other destinations?

Of course yes, however the all-inclusive service and its rates outside our hotels are the responsibility of whoever offers it and who contracts it, not all hotels have this service, but where they offer it will give the partner the opportunity of contracting it with preferential rates, either through RCI or LVC TYW.

Can I use multiple rooms at one time?

Of course, yes, but these are subject to availability.

What amenities, services and restaurants does the all-inclusive member include?

  • Impeccably decorated rooms and suites
  • Premium Bars and Lounges
  • Entertainment by professional day and night
  • VIP check-in / check-out Express check-out
  • Private VIP lounge with Concierge service, who will kindly assist you
  • Unlimited Internet
  • First class liquors
  • Sparkling wine in the room upon arrival
  • Basket with fresh fruit in the room
  • Private romantic dinners (additional cost)
  • Exclusive wine menu from our wine cellar (additional cost)
  • Access to all specialty restaurants with special menus at no cost, as well as access to specialties menu with additional cost.

Is the all-inclusive service valid at both Reef Hotels?

Of course.

Do you offer transportation from the airport?

The service is offered at the request of the partner at preferential prices by applying their LVC TYW points.

Do my guests have the same privileges and costs of the all-inclusive service?

Of course, however, reservations can only be requested by the holders of the membership, even if they are for third parties.

Can I share my benefits with friends without my traveling with them?

That is, all the benefits of the membership are transferable to third parties, as long as they are processed by their holders.